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Data-based insights for your brands and those of your competitors

Find out where you are listed and activated - and where only your competitors can be found.

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Use high-quality data for your sales

The menu card as a treasure trove of data: we identify brands, prices and drink sizes on food and drink menus to support your sales team. In combination with our extensive outlet data, you understand:

  • In which locations is my brand?
  • In which establishment is my competitor, but I am not?
  • At what price is my product offered compared to the competition, depending on the market segment?
  • How is my brand activated in the location?
  • In which regions are my competitors particularly strong?
  • How is the market penetration of (new) competitors developing?

High level of detail for the best possible insights

Level of detail of the data

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All brand insights in one tool: our Insights Map for data-driven sales management

One tool that connects everything:

  • Coloured representation of potential regions
  • Zoom function to federal state, district, postcode level
  • Fade-in of outlets with relevant information
  • Filter functions for outlet and brand insights
  • Download of selected outlets


More sales success thanks to better data

Unique insights into your brand and competitors
Intelligent sales management
Latest trends and changes through regular updates
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