Qualified data for your business success

Secure competitive advantages: With relevant insights about your competitors, customers and potential new target groups

In this context, DeepIdeas offers a broad portfolio of different data types and sources:

Restaurant/ company data:
Name, address, contact, relevant information, e.g.: type of cuisine, ratings / company size, employees
Menu/ product data:
Items/dishes, prices, sizes etc.
Sociodemographic data:
Age, income, purchasing power, zip code, etc.
Point of interest data:
Sights, churches, universities etc.
Coordinates to calculate distances
Mobility data:
Movement structures in defined cells

Other data sources that are important for your business purpose can be added at any time.

Why DeepIdeas?

DeepIdeas provides answers to relevant business questions. Our approach has 6 core advantages, e.g. compared to conventional B2B databases:

We generate the information you really need with a unique approach of data refinement.
Information changes – with us you stay up to date, because we deliver individually and up-to-date generated data
Our data can be used directly for your business – no further cleaning or harmonization is required. We combine AI-based models with manual spot checks
Your requirements are changing? No problem, we can easily adapt our processes
We ensure that we deliver data & results in short periods of time so that you can benefit from our data as quickly as possible
Our cloud-based set-up allows us to increase the amount of data at will
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